“Thank you for the thorough home inspection you recently did for us recently. Your diligent work ethic and ability to explain things to us in a simple manner was very much appreciated, as we are not very knowledgeable about the inner components/systems of a house. Having a pest license along with your previous pest control experience was very important to us and was one of the reasons we hired you. I don’t know if another home inspector would have noticed the termite damage behind the oil tank. We know several people that are currently house-hunting and we will gladly pass your name on to them.”
Denise and Tim

“Thank you for coming back out a second time to do the well-water test. I realize this was an inconvenience, but it was greatly appreciated. Both of our families are in this area and I am very pleased that we found the “right house” not too far from them. I also wanted to say that we are very pleased with the thorough home inspection that was performed. We had been burned previously, as I told you, and were very leery of trusting this process. You set our fears to rest, and we were very happy with the great job you did. Thank you again.”

Robin & Clement

“Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did inspecting the house on Bedford Street for us. We originally did not plan to have the house inspected, since it was only about 25 years old, but we’re certainly glad we did. In addition to the thorough home inspection you did, you also made us aware of some expensive repairs and replacements that were going to be necessary in the near future, expenses we would not have been able to afford had we purchased the house. We’ll certainly be calling you for the next home inspection. See you then!”

“Just a note of thanks for the inspection you did for me last week. I was quite astounded at how thorough you were. One of the reasons we hired Bonafide Home Inspections is because of your previous experience as an exterminator. I don’t know if other home inspectors would have discovered the concealed termite damage in the crawl space. That discovery alone saved us thousands of dollars at the negotiating table. I also appreciate you taking the time to explain to me the inner workings of the various systems, as well as simple maintenance procedures. You’ve really made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. Thanks again for the excellent home inspection you did and you will surely be the home inspector we recommend to others.”

“Thank you for the home inspection that your company performed for me recently. It was a professional job from start to finish. You personally showed me areas of concern and ultimately saved me thousands of dollars, had you not been so thorough. I feel extremely confident in recommending your services to my friends and future clients because of the proficient and detailed inspection you undertook on my behalf for my personal condominium purchase. Again, thank you! I look forward to working with you in the future.”
Christopher, Attorney at Law