Inspection Fee

You will most likely find a wide range of inspection fees when searching for a home inspector. That is because you are not comparing “apples to apples”. Some home inspectors are simply better than others. The best home inspectors know the value of an exceptional home inspection and know what their services are worth.

Buying a house will likely be the most expensive purchase of your life (by far). Therefore, you do not want to search for a home inspector with a “bargain hunter’s” mentality. If you do, you will likely get what you pay for, which is a “below average” home inspector that may miss some serious issues. This can easily turn your dream home into one big nightmare.

The best home inspectors in the field have a lot of experience, exceptional credentials and stellar reputations (along with computer-generated reports, including photos). If you look at my  on-line reviews at places like the Better Business Bureau and my website, you will see that I have zero unhappy customers. My home inspections typically take about 3.5 hours. Ask prospective home inspectors how long their inspections take and that will give you an idea of just how thorough (or not) they are. You simply cannot perform a thorough home inspection in 2 hours.

Also, please keep in mind that I am one of the few home inspectors out there that not only has a lot of home inspection experience (23 years) but seven (previous) years experience as an exterminator. I still have a pest license which (according to the State) allows me to conduct insect damage inspections. Most home inspectors are not allowed to perform insect damage inspections. I highly doubt if any other home inspector has that much cumulative experience in both fields.

There are certain variables that an inspector considers when determining the inspection fee such as the age and size of the house, the presence or absence of crawl spaces, multiple heating and electrical systems, etc. Therefore, please call me or send me the address of the property and I will gladly send you a price quote.


Best regards,

Wayne Czybora